Design for small and medium-sized enterprises



  • We create professional designs tailored to your budget;
  • We skip intermediate versions;
  • We don't waste time and money on meetings and lengthy discussions;
  • There are no studio markups: we don't spend money on advertising and office rent;
  • No expenses on equipment and software: our entire team works remotely from different parts of the world.


    1. Completion of the brief;
    2. Our manager contacts you to clarify order details; All negotiations, revisions, and file exchanges are conducted solely via email.
    3. 100% payment (refund available upon customer's request, deducting payment for work already completed, under specific circumstances. Refund applicable only at the stage of initial sketches provided within 5 business days);
    4. Initial presentation of sketches and selection of the best option;
    5. Revisions to the sketches;
    6. Second presentation of sketches;
    7. Final stage and preparation of the logo book in vector format with all necessary design variations.
    Work on the order is carried out within 1 month after the submission of initial sketches. After this period, all revisions, including the assembly of the logo book, are subject to separate charges.

    Completing this brief constitutes full and unconditional agreement by the customer with the terms of work of the #Spasiboavrora design studio (All rights reserved).
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        Which Package do you choose
        which you going to use on logo
        What exactly do you do, how long have you been doing it, key principles, values, what makes you stand out, and any plans for the future
        For example: business, minimalist, positive, hipster, feminine, childish, brutal.
        Any website can be linked
        what elements and colours should be present in the design
        internet, printed materials, t-shirts, billboards, etc.
        hyphenate the options
        Choose a payment method
        our manager will send you the selected details for payment
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        Design for SMEs
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